Virtual Gyms and Fitness Centres

Blogger "Deeply" recently posted about the eXtension virtual world presence of the "Avatar Fitness Club" in the gaming platform Second Life. There's a lot of potential for virtual environments to replace forums and other online support networks, including the enormous benefits that come with virtual environments - such as enhanced interactive feedback, community and group support, and educational opportunities. I published a post about this form of support and education a year ago over on the Skeptifit blog:

"Second Life – Virtual Fitness Centres: What’s it all about?"

Although it may take a while for virtual environments to achieve their full potential, I'm still a big believer that this will happen eventually, particularly with the (Facebook funded) Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to be soon released at an absurdly affordable price.

Have you ever participated in virtual support groups? Is there any future in virtual reality platforms and supportive environments for health and fitness?

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